10-Day Sugar Detox: Easy Meal Plans to Beat Sugar in 10 Days

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10 Days. 4 Sugar Detox Options. 1 Life-Changing Experience.

Live healthier. Lose weight. Cut carbs. Gain energy. Sleep better. Most people who choose to do a sugar detox have similar goals. But just because you want to achieve the same things doesn’t mean you’re starting from the same place.
10-Day Sugar Detox takes into account the real eating habits of aspiring sugar detoxers. It offers four different detoxes, each of which can be undertaken to end sugar addiction safely and successfully. Which sugar detox is right for you?

  • Orange Plan: Vegetarian
  • Yellow Plan: Carnivorous
  • Green Plan: Grain-free, legume-free
  • Blue Plan: Grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free

Each sugar detox includes its own shopping list and meal plan for the 10-day period–so the only thing you have to think about is how good you’re going to feel by the end.


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